Monday, November 01, 2021

Celebrating 97 Years Young

Happy 97th Birthday today to my mother Maida Gower Shepard, the senior member of our family. Maida has lived on Wildwood Lane in Anacortes, Washington for 43 years. She lives with her daughter/care giver Barbara and is supported by Gary and Cindy and other family members and professional care givers.

Maida was born in Mountain View, Arkansas in 1924, the second of the three children of Leroy and Nola Shannon Gower. After growing up in Oklahoma she spent 36 years in San Diego with husband Eugene raising their 6 children. They retired in 1978 and moved to Northwest Washington where they have been ever since. Husband Gene passed away in 2003 but Maida and daughter Barbara have maintained their life there in Anacortes ever since.

Maida Gower Shepard earlier today
with two of her kids Gary and Steve
What is so special about 97?? On the occasion of her 97th birthday, her family celebrates with her and honors her.  Here are the biggest reasons that 97 is so special:

1. If you make it this far, you might as well plan on making it to 100. There's a good chance you'll make it. 

2. At 97 who, among your family and friends is going to complain when you ask for help? They would look foolish to consider themselves put upon.

3. The number 97 is a prime number. It is always good to have the word "prime" describe you. Just like the number 97, there is no one else just like you.

4. At 97 there is at least a 97% chance you are the most respected member of any group.

5. At 97 you can pass gas and no one complains or even gives it a second thought.

6. At 97 you can smugly revel in the knowledge that you are closer to heaven than almost anyone around you.

7. At 97 you know better than anyone how good God has been to you.

8. At 97 you can smile knowing that 97% of those around you will probably never be able to match your age.

9. At 97 you are part of far less than 1% of the American population. 

For all these reasons and so much more, Maida Shepard is a very special person to all her family and friends.On this her birthday we are glad to celebrate with her yet another year of life. May God bless her with many more.
- - -
Steve Shepard