Thursday, March 31, 2011

Now It's Papa's Turn; March 31, 2011

In family life,
love is the oil that eases the friction,
the cement that binds us closer together,
and the music that brings harmony.
~Eva Burrows

Hello Family and Friends,

Greeting yet again from Alameda, California where Cindy and I are continuing to enjoy a visit with our kids. 

Happy Birthday Joan! This last day of March is the birthday of Joan Shepard, the mother of Havilah Colgain Wardle of West Valley, Utah, the daughter of Elmer Shepard and the sister of Dane Shepard of New Castle, Oklahoma. Originally from San Diego, Joan now lives in Dixon, California. She told me that she and daughter Havilah are presently visiting with her father and family in Oklahoma and will share some family pictures and update when she returns home.

The first picture is an oldie from 1970 and seems to have been taken somewhere in Oklahoma. On the left is a barefoot Joan next to her father Elmer. Next to him is Will and Bura (Davis) Shepard. In the back is Perry and Esther (Davis) Jenkins; on the right is their daughter Coeta.

Happy Birthday Nathan! This coming Sunday, April 3, is the birthday of our son Nathan Shepard of Alameda, California. He is still flying high after the celebration of their daughter Preslea's first birthday last weekend here in Alameda, a celebration attended by Preslea's great grandmother Maida and great aunt Barbara who were visiting from Anacortes, Washington.

The second picture I am including today shows Nathan with wife Chenda and daughter Preslea on a chilly morning early this past week when we were on our way to visit Alcatraz, in San Francisco Bay.

The final picture shows Nathan with his grand mother Maida (Gower) Shepard in a picture taken last weekend here in Alameda.

Nathan works in San Francisco for Wells Fargo Bank, enjoys playing and watching hockey, riding his bicycle, and watching Preslea grow and change almost daily. On his birthday he and Chenda hope to enjoy an evening out by themselves while the grandparents get to babysit.
- - -

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A First Birthday, March 26, 2011

The future belongs
to those who give
the next generation
reasons to hope.
~Teilhard de Chardin

Hello Family and Friends,

Preslea Shepard
Greetings to all of you, wherever you may be, from Northern California where Cindy and I find ourselves on this rainy, first week of spring. 

Several members of our family have gathered here in the San Francisco Bay Area to celebrate a special occasion. Today is the first birthday of Preslea Maida Shepard, the granddaughter of Cindy and me, and the pride and joy of her parents Nathan and Chenda Shepard of Alameda, California. Preslea's maternal grandfather is Sou Penh, who lives in Kampong Speu, Cambodia.

Preslea and Family
Preslea is the youngest of the 10 GGgrandchildren of Will and Bura Davis Shepard, and also the youngest of the 10 GGgrandchildren of Leroy and Nola Gower. She is named after a certain singing legend, as well as her Ggrandmother Maida Gower Shepard.

The first picture, above, shows a smiling Preslea in her stroller. The second picture shows Preslea on her father's lap next to her mother Chenda. In the back are grandparents Cindy and I. Select this link to see a photoshow of Preslea's first year, including pictures of her family and friends and the birthday celebration.

These days, when she is not chasing their cat Socket around the apartment, Preslea enjoys walks with her mother to the playground of their local park, playing with her dad when he comes home from work in the evenings, and humoring her grandparents on our occasional visits from down south. 

Right now she is also enjoying the attention of her great aunt Barbara and her Ggrandmother Maida, who are visiting from Washington State. In a few months Preslea will welcome the arrival of a little brother, who is due to make an appearance in June.
- - -

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Here Comes Spring, March 19, 2011

Only in the family 
can so many extremes 
be reconciled and synthesized.
Only in the family 
do we have a lifetime 
in which to do it.
- Letty Cottin Pogrebin

Hello Shepard Family and Friends,

Kaylan Ruth Shepard
Greetings to all of you from sunny San Diego where newly blooming flowers, especially the Yellow Sour Grass, announce the end of winter and the coming of spring. Cindy and I are enjoying a visit from a couple of Washington snow-birds, my mom Maida and sister Barbara who seem to be thawing out nicely. 

Kaylan Shepard. Today is the birthday of Kaylan Shepard, Dane and Cindy Shepard's daughter, of New Castle, Oklahoma. Kaylan is the last of the 21 Ggrandchildren of Will and Bura Shepard, and the last of all their descendants to be born in the 20th century.

Kaylan: I am very excited about my birthday!!! I also appreciate you for remembering!!! My mom cannot believe that I am turning 12, but I am loving it!!! For an early birthday present I got a new bowling ball. I am still trying to figure out what all I have to do with it,
Gary and Cindy Shepard
such as where I am supposed to move, what arrow I have to shoot at, and everything else. Thanks again for remembering my birthday. It would be nice to see you all!!!

Gary Shepard. This coming Wednesday, March 23, is the very special 65th birthday of my brother Gary Shepard. Gary is the oldest living grandchild of Will and Bura Shepard, and grandchild number 3 of Leroy and Nola Gower. He and his wife Cindy Shepard live in Oak Harbor, Washington, just a few miles from where a number of other Shepards and Gowers live in Western Washington. The second picture, from 2008, shows Gary and Cindy.

Gary was born and raised in San Diego, California but a few years ago retired with Cindy to Washington State. His three kids, Kerri, Jason and Kelly, along with his four grandkids, all live in Weatherford, Texas. 

Gary with Kerri, Jason and Kelly
This third picture shows Gary with his daughter Kelly on the right. His daughter Kerri and son Jason are in the back. This picture was taken last summer.

Happy Birthday to Kaylan and to Gary!

- - -

Monday, March 14, 2011

Erin Go Braugh! March 14, 2011

Never slow down,
Never grow old.
~Tom Petty

Hello Family and Friends,

Today is the birthday of my "brother by another mother," one-time brother-in-law but now adopted sibling, Jerry Clark. Jerry lives in Lubbock, Texas with his wife Cathrina and works with his daughter Susan in their business selling yearbooks and class rings. His favorite saying these days is the quote at the top of this post. Happy Birthday, Jerry!

Jerry and wife Cathrina Clark
with Maida Shepard in the middle
Jerry: "I know our dads never met, but in my mind I think they might have walked past each other some where in the dust of Oklahoma and Colorado. I do know that we are related now and how great it is to be a part of the Davis-Shepard family tree. Linda was the best thing that ever happened to me in my life.

"As far as how things
are going now... it is great to be a granddad. Cathrina and I love all 8 grand kids (5 of mine and 3 of hers).

"Work is busy here with the end of school near. After 30 years of school related business I am thankful that I never had to have a real job! Working with Susan is a blessing and I think we have never had a cross word about business. She turns 31 (as does Amanda) this year. God has blessed us.

Jerry with grandkids
Miller and Emmerson Cave
"Cat and I are attending a start up church in Lubbock called Experience Life. Young preacher really hits on all cylinders and we feel the spirit working. Everyone is welcome to dusty west Texas to see us at the casa!"

Coffee With Clark. Jerry shared with me the link to Coffee With Clark, the blog of his brother Terry Clark. It is very well written and worth a look. Terry's blog is included in the list of links you can find online at The Shepard's Crook (the main page, right hand column, under Blogs and Sites of Family and Friends).

Erin Go Braugh! With Saint Patrick's Day coming up this Thursday, it is the perfect opportunity to celebrate our Irish Heritage. I have identified 11 different people in our family tree who immigrated to America from Ireland in the 17th and 18th centuries. The first in the list below is an ancestor of my paternal grandmother Bura Davis Shepard. The others are all ancestors of my maternal grandmother Nola Shannon Gower.

Here then is our family's own personal Irish Hall of Fame:
  • James Spear (1768-1821), Bura Davis' Ggrandfather, from County Armaugh, Ireland.
  • Thomas Shannon (1686-1737) and wife Eigness (Reid) Shannon (1686-1737), Nola Shannon Gower's GGGgrandparents from Munster, Ireland.
  • Mary Maxwell (1634-1680) and her daughter Jane Alexander (1665-1691), Nola's GGGGGG grandmother from Donegal, Ireland.
  • Mary Hamilton (1600-1634), Nola's GGGGGGGG grandmother, also from Donegal, Ireland.
  • William Gray (1771-1865), Nola's GG grandfather from Antrim, Ireland.
  • Margaret (Pike) Pickens (1672-1740) and her son Israel Pickens (1693-1749), Nola's GGGG grandfather from Limerick, Ireland.
  • George Davice (b. 1660) and his daughter Martha Davice/Davis (1708-1774), Nola's GGGG grandmother from Donegal, Ireland.
Each of these persons has their own stories of hardships and happiness, only a few of which we will ever know. Some of these stories I have shared in this blog before and others I plan to share in future posts. We can be grateful for their courage and celebrate the Irish blood that flows through us because of them. Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
- - -

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Same Day Shepards, March 10, 2011

The debt of gratitude we owe our parents
goes forward, not backward.
What we owe our parents
is the bill presented to us by our children.
~Nancy Friday 

Hello Family and Friends,

Linda, Steven and their dad Russell Shepard
It's a beautiful, feels-like-spring day here in San Diego. The calendar says winter for another week or so, but the sunshine and warmth say something different.

Happy Birthday Russ and Steve. This coming Sunday, March 13, in the birthday of my brother Russell Shepard and his son Steven Paul Shepard, both of whom were born on the same day, 28 years apart.

Russ and Steven Sharing a Birthday in 1995
Russ, the last of the 6 children of Eugene and Maida (Gower) Shepard, was born and raised in San Diego, but moved to Anacortes, Washington in 1978 when the family first moved there. Steven has lived his whole life in Washington. Russ and his wife Pam (Engan) Shepard and daughter Linda, along with Steven, all live today in Anacortes.

Russ spends his time these days committed to his job at Dakota Creek Industries in Anacortes. In his spare time he enjoys the open road on his Honda Shadow, as well as relaxing at his lake house, "up the river". 

Steven -- who will be 21 on Sunday! -- is a full time student at Skagit Valley College, and is a big help at his Gram's house, where he lives. He is also very involved in the Church of Christ in Anacortes, and enjoys sailing with his Sea Scouts group.

Steve (in green) on a Sea Scout outing
Family Reunion August 13, 2011. Ana- cortes, by the way, is where our Family Reunion will take place this summer on Saturday, August 13, 2011.

You are invited to make your plans and join us as we renew family ties and share an afternoon together. Select this link for all the details of the reunion, including the exact location, motel suggestions, and other pertinent information.
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Thursday, March 03, 2011

From Warfordsburg to Weatherford, March 3, 2011

The family endures because it makes us feel unique
and yet joined to all humanity,
accepted as is and yet challenged to grow.
~Letty Cottin Pogrebin

Hello Family and Friends,

Kerri Shepard Aquiningoc and
sister Kelly Shepard Sauvage
Today is the birthday of my niece Kerri Shepard Aqui- ningoc, who lives with her daughters Lyndsey and Mandi in Weather- ford, Texas. Kerri is the oldest daughter of Gary Shepard of Oak Harbor, Washington and Jackie Perry of Weatherford. She is also the first granddaughter of Maida (Gower) Shepard of Anacortes, Washington. Happy Birthday to Kerri!

Our Warford Connection. In a recent post I shared with you about Lydia Warford, Kerri's GGGGG grandmother. Lydia and husband John Williams, were an American frontier couple who met in Kentucky where they married and bore their 4 children, before the family moved on to Spencer, Indiana.

Lydia Warford was originally from Warfordsburg, Pennsylvania. Intrigued that her maiden name was also the name of her home town, I discovered recently that her kinfolk were indeed the ones who gave that small town its name.

Kerri, Kelly, Jason with Mandi and Lyndsey
in 1994 at Ggrandma Gower's home, San Diego
Warfordsburg, where she was born in 1782, is 200 miles west of Philadelphia, near the Maryland border. Lydia was the youngest child of Henry and Elizabeth (Vanhook) Warford, who were among the earliest settlers of Fulton County in Southern Pennsylvania. Another early Pennsylvania settler was Lydia's uncle Joseph Warford.

Wikipedia states that in December, 1776 (just months after the signing of the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia), Joseph Warford was deeded 100 acres of land on which he laid out a village that became known as Warfordsburg (a fact also attested to by an 1884 History of Fulton County by Waterman Watkins).

The years right after the establishment of Warfordsburg was an unsettling time of revolution and the westward expansion of America. So it is not at all surprising that very few of the original Warfords remained in the town. Warfordsburg exists to this day, but evidently without any descendants of the original family. Many of the Warfords (including our Lydia and her family) left Pennsylvania before the end of the 18th century.

Lydia's father Henry Warford died in 1784 at just 43 years old, a mere 2 years after Lydia was born. The Revolutionary war lasted until 1783, so it is possible his death is attributable to that conflict. What we know for sure is that his wife Elizabeth was left with as many as 10 children between the ages of 2 and 16. Records indicate that the family packed up and left Warfordsburg for good after papa died, and moved to northern Kentucky, where they settled east of Louisville. It was there that Lydia met John Williams, and the continuing saga of our family moved on.

Here is the 340 year westward migration pattern for this particular 13 generation lineage from Warford to Weatherford:

John Warford (1650-99)
...born in Baltimore, Maryland.
Son John Warford (1683-1769)
...born in Westchester, New York.
Son Joseph Warford (1711-74)
...born in Middletown, New Jersey.
Son Henry Warford (1741-84)
...born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
Daughter Lydia Warford (1782-1829)
...born in Warfordsburg, Pennsylvania.
Son John Pouty Williams (1806-98)
...born in Spencer County, Kentucky.
Daughter Margaret Williams (1845-1904)
...born in Spencer, Indiana.
Daughter Caroline Spear (1865-1951)
...born in Spencer, Indiana.
Daughter Bura Davis (1896-1986)
...born in Spencer, Indiana.
Son Eugene Shepard (1921-2003)
...born in Beaver County, Oklahoma.
Son Gary Shepard
...born in 1946 in San Diego, California.
Daughter Kerri Shepard
...born in 1968 in Walled Lake, Michigan.
Daughters Lyndsey and Mandi Aquiningoc
...born 1990 and 1992 in San Diego, California, and live today in Weatherford, Texas.
- - -