Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Thanks for the Memories, August 2007

I want to say how much Cindy and I appreciate all the kindnesses and generosity expressed at the end of my ministry with you. It was truly a fine conclusion to a very rewarding experience as your Interim Pastor. The gifts and well wishes, the cards and the hugs, and every expression of appreciation touched us very deeply. We are especially grateful for the cash gift and the gift cards we received. We wish we could say a "thank you" to each of you individually. You will have a special place in our hearts always!

We have been keeping busy in recent weeks and look forward to a great time of catching up on things that have needed doing. We have also done some traveling to see family, taken some hiking excursions around California, and enjoyed life as we anticipate my next interim position.

Our prayers are with you as you enter this time of getting acquainted with your new pastor, Rev. Alan Claassen. We are confident that this will be the beginning of a wonderful chapter in the life of First Congregational Church. We look forward to hearing about great things happening in your life and ministry with Alan, and to the time when we will be able to worship with you again. Much love and best wishes for great success!

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