Friday, April 18, 2008

Shepard Family Update, April 18, 2008

Dear Family members and friends,

Hello from Lone Pine, California in the beautiful Owens Valley of Eastern California, a forgotten part of the state which many people have never heard of. We are "on the road again", on our way to visit friends in Tucson, Arizona.

Our family reunion is now only three months away. Can you believe it? Have you made your plans? I know that some of you will not be able to make it, but if you are able to come, please do so. Cindy and Nathan and I are looking forward to it. Be sure to let one of the Anacortes folks know when you will be flying in, so we can coordinate the trips between Anacortes and SeaTac.

Fascinating Family Fact: Did you know? is a remarkable resource for those interested in family history. Recently we have subscribed to it and have found more information about relatives of ours that I ever thought possible. They offer a 2 week free membership which, among other things, offers you the opportunity to view OUR Shepard family tree that we have recently put online. Check it out. Our family tree is titled "EShepard." If you do visit, be sure and check your own information to make sure that all is correct AND to add whatever needs to be added. (If you are receiving the emails, you are listed on

Family Faces. I am including two family pictures. The first is a 1973 picture of Gram and Grandad and their four children: Eugene, Thelma, Pauline, and Elmer. Grandad (1888-1976), being a product of an earlier generation, was not very comfortable in front of a camera, as this picture shows. But those of us who were fortunate to have had him for a grandfather remember him as a fun loving man, and a great teller of stories from his own life, which stretched back into the late 19th century. On more than one occasion I can remember Gram having to chide him for rough housing too much with his grandkids on the living room floor.

One of my oldest memories is of the two of us, for my 7th birthday, going to see "Lady and the Tramp" at the Spreckles Theatre in San Diego. Gram stayed at my folks' home in Point Loma, promising to have tacos ready for my birthday dinner when we got home. ("Lady and the Tramp" was first released in 1955, which -- if my 59 year old memory cells can still be trusted -- is the year this happened.)

Do others of you have fond memories of Gram and Grandad? I invite you to write them down and send them to me. It would be a great way of letting others in the family know what terrific people these two were.

The other picture was taken last month in Oklahoma. It is of Dane, Joan and Elmer Shepard, along with Thelma Boyd, her daughter Kim Clark, and Kim's daughter Amanda Ortiz. They were all together in connection with getting Elmer's house in Texas ready to sell.

Dane emailed from Oklahoma last week and said,

"Joan returned to CA after spending two weeks, mostly in Henderson, TX. She was able to pack and move the things she wanted and ship them back home. We will be making more trips to check on the place as it is up for sale.

"On the weekend of March 21-24, Thelma, Kim and, Amanda joined us for a great visit (pictures attached). We enjoyed catching up. They left to take Amanda back with Kim where she will now be living. Also Kim said they planned to see Shannon at some time on the trip. Thelma was to fly back after a few days. It was encouraging to be with them and my Cindy really had a great time catching up on my history (now she knows why I act the way I do!).

"Dad was with us physically but not too much emotionally. He's been having a hard time with depression. He is now showing some signs of improving and is able to enjoy getting out for visits and going to church. Cards and letters help and would be appreciated. You can write directly to him at: Mustang Manor, 1017 W. Highway 152, Room 121, Mustang, OK 73061. It would be great to join the reunion, but Dad would not be able to go.

"I appreciate your family report. I have been encouraged to renew old friendships. I recently contacted Michael Bohannan after many years."

Thanks to Dane for that update. Remember to let me know of any others who would like to receive these messages. I will be glad to add them to our emailing list.
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