Wednesday, August 18, 2010

From "the Land of Red Earth", Aug 18

I started at 5 years old
at the kitchen table
with my family supporting me.
I know where I'm from
and I know exactly where I'm going.
~Celine Dion

Hello Shepard Family and Friends,

I received word this week from my cousin Dane Shepard of Oklahoma, regarding happenings among our kin in his part of the world.

Dane: Here's a brief update from the land of red earth. We've been having hot and dry weather for about a month reaching into triple digit temps for a few weeks. By contrast, Thelma says they have had more rain than ever and would like a break. She also mentioned that Jeff and Kim are suffering as we are.

Mildred Beck Davis, Kaylan and Dane Shepard
We have moved Dad to a better assisted living facility. His new address is: Elmer Shepard, Arbor House, 850 Clear Springs Road, Room 105, Mustang OK 73064. This is just about 2 miles from where he lived before. He is not as strong as before and has become quite forgetful in short term memory. He is still able to get out for church services and to go out to eat.

Kaylan and I had a short but enjoyable visit in Bartlesville this July. We were treated to a wonderful dinner (that's lunch back here, although it was indeed a big meal), featuring items fresh from their garden. Anytime you go there you can expect a warm welcome.

As for Mildred, she has gone down in her health and ability to carry on a conversation but she remains sweet and still has a sense of humor about her. Bud was there and gave me a CD of pictures they had scanned. I will be sending some of the pictures your way in time.

Siblings: Charlotte Davis Taylor, Bud and Becky Davis
Becky is able to get around fairly well after her hip surgery. She recounted the night that Mildred fell a few months ago. It was late and they had gone to bed and didn't hear her calling after she fell. Finally Jessie and Becky found her but were unable to lift her so they called 911 and had some big firemen assist them. They laugh about it now. Mildred is unable to get out much.

At this time, Cindy's father is in the hospital. He's not doing well. We stay busy keeping tabs on our parents. Hopefully, the hot weather will soon pass and that will help. It's time to start school here so we're getting into the swing of home schooling again. Thanks again for the emails and family updates. Take care.

How Our World Has Changed. Every once in while I hear or read something that helps put the history of our family in perspective. 90 years ago today the 19th Amendment to the U.S Constitution was ratified and women received the right to vote in our country. It is hard to believe that before that time, women in the U.S. were denied that most basic privilege.

The oldest living person in our Shepard clan, Elmer Shepard (mentioned above) of Mustang, Texas, was born two years previous to that time. Mildred Beck Davis, pictured above, was 9 years old in 1920. Their lives have witnessed a tremendous amount of cultural change, more than most of us can imagine. 
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