Monday, May 14, 2018

New Adventures, May 14, 2018

Your brothers, your sisters,
your children, your parents....
Make no mistake your relationships
are the heaviest components in your life.
-Ryan Bingham

Happy Birthday Thelma and Courtney! Today is the birthday of my Aunt Thelma Shepard Boyd. It is also the birthday of Thelma's granddaughter Courtney Boyd Slaughter of San Diego. Best wishes to Thelma and Courtney for a very happy birthday! These days Thelma is a vagabond with her daughter Kim Boyd Clark and Kim's husband Jeff Clark, as they travel in their RV. Much of the time they find themselves in the San Diego area near the grandchildren and other family. I caught up with them a few weeks ago when we all had a wonderful lunch together at a favorite restaurant in San Diego.

Kim Boyd Clark
and her mom Thelma Shepard Boyd
Gluten Free RV. On a related note, my cousin Kim Boyd Clark tells me that as a part of the "New Adventure" that she and Jeff have started, she has begun a new blog. It is titled "Going Gluten-Free in My RV." The first picture I am sharing today shows Kim and Thelma in a recently picture. Kim shared these comments recently on Facebook:

We are loving our RV life. Since I have known about celiac disease for 3 year's now I thought it would be great to share with you some gluten free products and recipes that I like. Eating gluten free can be challenging at times. Please feel free to share any gluten free recipes or products you would like to. Also you can share any neat places you have camped at. I would love to hear about your discoveries also. My blog is brand new and I have never done this before but I am determined to get going and interesting. Let's have fun sharing our experiences.

Select this link to visit Kim's Blog.

Chris, Barbara, Finley and Maida Shepard
Happy Birthday Christopher Shepard! Today is also the birthday of my nephew Christopher Shepard. Chris is the oldest child of Mary and Darrell Shepard of Bothell, Washington. Chris and Jessica and little Finley live in Seattle, Washington. Chris works at a Senior Health Care facility in Seattle and enjoys spending time with Jessica and Finley. This second picture shows Chris with his Aunt Barbara, Grandmother Maida and daughter Finley when they were visiting Maida and Barbara in Anacortes, Washington a few weeks ago. Thanks to Jessica for taking this picture. Best wishes for a very happy birthday to Christopher!

Happy Birthday Logan! Tomorrow is the 7th birthday of our Grandson Logan! Born in San Francisco, Logan is the son of Nathan and Chenda and one of Cindy's and my grandchildren. He is a happy first grader and looking forward to a trip to LEGOLAND for his special day. Select the link below for a YouTube video celebrating Logan's birthday.

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Steve Shepard

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