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"Thanks To All Willing To Share", December 12, 2011

OUR history begins before we are born.
We represent the hereditary influences of our race,
and our ancestors virtually live in us.
James Nasmyth

Hello Family and Friends,

Greetings to all of you wherever you may be, and however you may be surviving the December rush through Advent and Christmas.  Cindy and I find ourselves in Carlsbad, California vacationing this week with friends George and Diane. We are all of 30 miles from home!

I have written before about a family project to replace the headstones for two ancestors of ours, my GGGgrandfather Alexander Davis (1819-66) and his daughter Elizabeth (1843-67). They both reside beneath weathered and broken headstones in Spencer, Indiana. My second cousin Jerry Davis was the instigator of this project this past summer. He now tells me that we have raised the total amount needed from descendants of theirs. The headstone has been ordered and its creation is underway!

Jerry: I am getting anxious to get the stone in place and completed. I certainly appreciate all your assistance in helping to bring this to completion and that Alexander and Elizabeth will have a permanent grave marker. A BIG Thanks to all those who were willing to share with their contributions to see this completed.  We are blessed with such a loving and caring family.

Following is a list of relatives who were willing and able to contribute. Their names are in bold. Pictured are five of the donors: Jerry Davis, Stan Guy, Becky Davis, Gary Millikan and Thelma Boyd.

Descendants of Alexander Davis/ Charles Edward Davis/ John E. Davis:
  • Stanley Guy (Dallas, Texas) - grandson of John Davis  
  • Jon D. Guy (Arnett, Ok.) - grandson of John Davis
  • Milfred W. Davis (Amarillo, Texas) - son of John Davis
  • William P. "Bill' Davis (Alamogordo, N.M.) - grandson of John Davis   
  • Jerry D. Davis (Grand Prairie, Texas) - grandson of John Davis  
Descendants of Alexander Davis/Charles Edward Davis/James Brooks Davis:  
  • Jim and Nancy Bushong (Oologah, Ok.) - great grandson of J.B. Davis
  • Becky Davis (Bartlesville, Ok.) - granddaughter of J.B. Davis
  • Gary Millikan (Tulsa, Ok.)- grandson of J.B. Davis
  • Steve and Cindy Shepard (San Diego, Ca.) - great grandson of J.B. Davis  
  • Thelma Shepard Boyd (Gallup, N.M.) - granddaughter of J.B. Davis
  • Norma Lou Allen (Bolivar, Mo.) - granddaughter of J.B. Davis
  • Shirley Borgstadt (Springfield, Mo.) - granddaughter of J.B. Davis 
  • Carolyn Roberts (Bolivar, Mo.) - granddaughter of J.B. Davis
    Note: Norma Lou, Shirley and Carolyn's contribution is in memory of their mother Nona Davis Kilpatrick and sister Venita Kilpatrick Bridger.

Descendant of Alexander Davis/Charles Edward Davis/Thomas Davis:
  • Julie Coble Vandagriff (Bedford, Indiana) - great granddaughter of Tom Davis

Descendants of Alexander Davis/Samilda Dorcas Davis Medaris/Ada Medaris Johnson:  
  • Kellene Hardy (Richardson, Texas) - granddaughter of Ada Johnson
  • Jaydene Morrison (Nederland, Colorado) - granddaughter of Ada Johnson

Descendant of Alexander Davis/Salathiel George Davis/Harry Davis:  
  • Scott G. Davis (Oklahoma City) - grandson of Harry Davis
The donors above represent a unique cross section of descendants of Alexander and Jane Davis. Not a single person in this list knows every other person on the list, but we are all related nonetheless. And we are now united as family in a common cause. The bottom line though is that this project is a wonderful tribute to our Davis ancestors who lived through some great hardships and left a wonderful legacy for which we can be very grateful. Replacing their headstones not only witnesses to the impact they made, it also shows the high esteem in which we hold them.

And maybe it indicates, as James Nasmyth says in the quote above, that "our ancestors virtually live in us".
- - -

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