Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Milestones, January 18, 2012

We owe it to our ancestors
to preserve entire those rights
they have delivered to our care.
We owe it to our posterity
not to suffer their dearest inheritance
to be destroyed. 
~Junius (1769)

Hello Family and Friends,

Greetings to all of you, wherever you may be, from San Diego on this fine winter's day in Southern California.

Missouri Anniversary. Congratulations to Jeff and Kim Boyd Clark who are celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary today! Jeff and Kim live in Blue Springs, Missouri, with Kim's son Jeremy Ortiz, his wife Desiree and their 3 children. The recent good news from their household is that Desiree and Jeremy are expecting twins in June. More recently, however, Desiree has developed some health problems.

Kim: This is anniversary #5 for Jeff and me. We still have a full house and we just seem to stay busy with all the activity going on here. We will probably just go to dinner to celebrate our anniversary. 

Desiree is still in the hospital unable to keep any thing down. She has what they call a false brain tumor due to extra hormones caused by twins. Dr is hoping when she has the babies the tumor will go away on it's own. The babies are still doing good with strong heart beats and are very active. They did a sonogram and she could see them facing each other touching their feet together. We still don't know when she can come home so I'm being grammy and mom right now. Jeremy has been staying at the hospital and sleeping there.

Our prayers and best wishes to them all, especially Desiree and Jeremy, while we celebrate with Jeff and Kim on their wedding anniversary!

Oklahoma Birthdays. Happy Birthday wishes this Saturday to both my cousin Dane and his son Nathan Shepard of New Castle, Oklahoma, who were both born on January 21.

Dane: Thanks for the greeting and request. I am attaching a picture that we recently took. 

As it turns out, we will be going to Texas again on our birthdays. I will be participating in an annual gospel singing and the family has been invited as well. It will be a nice break for us. Nathan will turn sixteen and will be taking an English course at the local junior college this semester. He remains active in bowling and band. We got him a drum set for Christmas which he thoroughly enjoys. 

Dad [Elmer] is about the same. They are still adjusting his meds to try and stabilize his agitation. He does better when he is not around a lot of people. His appetite remains good. Thanks again for all your work.

Flashback 38. The third picture that I am including today is an old Shepard family photo taken Christmas 1973, somewhere in the San Diego area. It includes a couple of the people pictured above. It shows Dane Shepard (upper left), Kim Boyd and infant Kelly Shepard (on the leopard skin bean bag chair), and Jason Shepard with his uncle Darrell Shepard on the right. Anyone recognize the home where this picture was taken?
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