Friday, January 25, 2008

Shepard Family News January 25

January 25, 2008

Dear Family members,

I hope you are all enjoying winter, however harsh or mild it may be where you are. It has been snowing all week long at our house. We look out the window to about 3 feet of snow, but the electricity stays on, and the wood supply remains, so we are in good shape.

In the last message I made a small mistake in the identification of Maida Shepard's children in the picture that I sent. I said that the last two people on the right were Darrell and Russell, but I had them reversed. It is Russell and then Darrell. Small point, I know (unless you are Darrell or Russell!).

Fascinating Family Fact: Did you know? Two men in our Shepard family served in WWII, and one man served in the Civil War. Brothers Eugene and Elmer Shepard served in WWII, and our oldest known Shepard ancestor, William Shepard (1835-1862), served in the Civil War (more about him next time). I do not know of any other men or women in our Shepard family who may have served in one of America's wars. Do you? What about family members who have served in the Peace Corps?

Family Faces. I am sending you two pictures. One is from 1945, a picture taken in San Diego during WWII. The men in uniform are Eugene and Elmer Shepard. The children in front are Thelma Shepard (9 yrs old), Beverly Russell (6 yrs old) and Rex Russell (9 yrs old).

The other picture was taken just this past Xmas and is the family of Darrell and Mary Shepard of Bothell, Washington. From left to right they are Christopher, Patrick, Mary and Darrell (go Chargers!) and in front is Rachel. Thanks to Patrick Shepard for sending me this picture.

Do others of you have a family picture you would like to share? Email it to me; or USMail it to me at: PO Box 4540, Dorrington, CA 95223.

I have added a couple of new family members to our email list in recent weeks: Darren and Victoria Boyd (Santee, Ca), Jeremy and Desiree Ortiz (San Diego), and Kelly and James Sauvage (Weatherford, Texas). Our online circle widens! Who else can we add?

Congratulations to Mary and Darrell Shepard who celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary just a few weeks ago, on Dec 31, 2007! Also Happy Birthday to Mary Shepard on Jan 10 and to Dane Shepard in Oklahoma City whose birthday was this past Monday! Do you know of other January birthdays we can celebrate?

Remember the Family Reunion Saturday July 19, 2008 in Anacortes, Washington.
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