Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Child Is Born!

It sometimes happens,
even in the best of families,
that a baby is born.
This is not necessarily cause for alarm.
The important thing is
to keep your wits about you
and borrow some money.
~Elinor Goulding Smith

Hello Shepard Family and Friends!

Greetings on this Palm Sunday, the first day of Easter week. This special post is to announce the birth of Preslea Maida Shepard this past Friday evening at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. She arrived nearly a week earlier than expected, but still came in at a healthy 7lbs 2oz, 22 inches long, with plenty of black hair. Baby, mother and father are all doing well.

The proud parents are Nathan and Chenda Shepard. Cindy and I are, of course the proud Grandparents. Preslea is named after Chenda's favorite singer, and Nathan's grandmother Maida Shepard. She is the newest descendant of Will and Bura (Davis) Shepard, and one of that growing group of GGgrandchildren of theirs.

The first picture (above) shows Preslea being held by her mother at barely a day old. The second picture (left) shows the three of them, Nathan, Preslea, and Chenda, before leaving the hospital to go home. For more pictures see Nathan's profile on Facebook.

Happy Birthday Nathan! Preslea ends up being an early birthday present for her father Nathan Shepard, whose 33rd birthday is April 3, this coming Saturday. April also celebrates an adventurous 2 year love story - international drama - multicultural saga for Nathan and Chenda and now Preslea. Select this link to see a photo presentation of the last two years in their lives.

Happy "birth" day to Preslea and congratulations to the happy parents!
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