Friday, April 02, 2010

Greetings on Good Friday!

All I really need [at Easter] is love,
but a little chocolate 
now and then 
doesn't hurt!
~Lucy Van Pelt 

(Charles Schultz)

Hello Shepard Family and Friends,

Greetings to all of you on this Good Friday, which begins Easter weekend, 2010. We are still in San Francisco celebrating the new daughter of our son Nathan and his wife Chenda.

Since Chenda is Khmer (the major ethnicity of Cambo- dia), we are calling little Preslea Maida our "Khmer- ican" baby (rhymes with "Amer- ican"). We are pretty sure she is the first Khmerican child among all the descendants of Will and Bura Shepard. That is only one of the reasons that Cindy and I are convinced that she is the most beautiful baby in the world. Do we sound like grandparents, or what? ;-)

We are also celebrating Nathan's birthday which is tomorrow, April 3. The first picture I am including was taken this past week and shows Nathan with his new daughter Preslea. If you did not see it after the last post, here is a photo presentation celebrating Nathan's birthday and the last two years.

I received word yesterday from cousin Bud Davis, one of Bura (Davis) Shepard's nephews, who lives in western Washington. He said that he had been thinking about his father Jesse Davis (one of Bura's brothers) who had passed away 41 years ago this past Wednesday, March 31. (See the second picture of Jess Davis on his horse, taken about 80 years ago.)

"Though it has been 41 years, he still lives on with us in so many ways.  The memories, the values he taught us, the interesting things he said and did and the faith in God he instilled in us."

Bud also mentioned that he would be in Bartlesville, Oklahoma on Easter Sunday and all next week for an early celebration of his mom Mildred Beck Davis' 99th birthday (which is May 1). Best wishes to Bud and Mildred and their whole family. 

There is so much happening in our family these days that I am posting to this blog more often than usual this week. Watch for more family news this weekend!
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