Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!

Celestial spirit that doth roll
The heart's sepulchral stone away,
Be this our resurrection day,
The singing Easter of the soul -
O gentle Master of the Wise,
Teach us to say: "I will arise."

~Richard Le Gallienne

Hello Shepard Family and Friends,

Greetings on Easter Sunday, a beautiful time amid bright colors, family gatherings, joyful worship, new clothes and Easter baskets!

Easter Birthdays. Happy Birthday today to James Sauvage of Weatherford, Texas. James has been a member of our family ever since he and Kelly Shepard were married 10 years ago. They are the parents of Nathaniel and Kyle. (See the picture of the four of them, Kelly in the pink Charger jersey, the other 3 in Steeler jerseys.)

Kelly tells me that James "is a lifelong Steelers fan. Even after spending all those years in San Diego, he is still devoted to his team. That’s okay, we share the same disliking for the Cowboys!

"James has been working for Direct TV since July of last year. He seems to really like it and it keeps him busy. He recently received a promotion that he had been working hard for. 

"Nathaniel and Kyle have started to play baseball this Spring. James is coaching Kyle’s team…most of the time. For James, this is good because he gets to be at Kyle’s practices and games. For me on the other hand, it means I am running back and forth trying to watch both boys. James continues to referee football as much as his job will allow. Football season is over right now, but there is a semi pro team in the area that he referees for. I think he likes this best because he gets to hang out with the guys."  

Happy 8th Birthday to Ciara Ortiz!  Easter Sunday is also the birthday of Ciara Ortiz, the daughter of Jeremy and Desiree Ortiz of El Cajon, California. Ciara is the Ggranddaughter of Thelma and Terry Boyd, and a GGgrandchild of Will and Bura Shepard, and one of their youngest descendants.

The second picture I am including shows Ciara flanked by two of her favorite 3rd cousins Kyle and Nate. This picture was taken at the Shepard-Davis Family Reunion last summer in Oklahoma.

Mom Desiree says that, "Ciara is an active and silly girl. She is very out going and smart (some times too smart for her own good, lol)! Right now Ciara is playing girls SoftBall, her team is 6 and 2 right now. They will be getting ready for All Stars after spring break. Once SoftBall is over Ciara will begin playing Soccer, a game which she enjoys and is great at!

"Ciara will be 8 this Easter Sunday and is excited that her Grammy (Kim Clark) will be coming to San Diego to celebrate with her. We will all be going to spend two days at DisneyLand!"

Best wishes for wonderful birthdays to Ciara and James. To all of you... May the joy and blessing of Easter be yours!
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