Thursday, April 08, 2010

April 8, 2010: Happy Anniversary Jerry and Cathrina

The value of the family
is not that adults produce children,
but that children produce adults. 
-Peter de Vries

Hello Shepard Family and Friends,

Greetings to all of you from the unusually warm city of San Francisco, where the weather turned from drizzly, cold, west coast winter to sunny springtime overnight. Our sojourn in the City by the Bay with the new parents of our beautiful grandchild Preslea Maida will end later today when we return home to San Diego.

Happy anniversary to Jerry and Cathrina (Helms) Clark of Lubbock, Texas who were married 4 years ago today. Jerry emailed me recently with the following.

"We are very busy (at work) with the end of the school year. 4 years has gone quick -- of course at my advanced age all the years do!

We are heading back to NYC with Cat's parents in June and then to Myrtle Beach with Sue, Drew, Amanda and Chris in late July celebrating my 60th and Sue and Amanda's 30th

Cathrina is busy with selling cotton and driving her fancy, used, red race car (as my grandson Drew calls it)
. All 7 of our grandkids are great. Becky is expecting another and that will make 8 total."

The first picture (above) shows the happy couple Cathrina and Jerry in a recent picture. The second picture I am including shows Jerry and two other women in his life: Maida Shepard on the left, and Amanda, one of his 3 daughters, on the right.  Maida lives in Anacortes, Washington where this picture was taken in the fall of 2005, and Amanda lives in Frisco, Texas with husband Chris Farrell.

If you have been paying even a little attention to this blog for the last 2+ years, you know that Friday has been my day of choice to post messages. But that has changed recently, as you may have noticed. I will continue to post at least once a week, but the particular day of the week will probably vary. I hope this does not upset anyone's routine too much. ;-) 
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