Monday, July 11, 2011

Scenes From A Roman Holiday, July 11, 2011

Below are some scenes from a recent trip to Italy that Cindy and I took with Jerry and Cathrina Clark.

This first picture shows Jerry and me in Rome with our hotel across the Tiber River in the background.

Here are Cindy and me with the ancient Roman Colosseum in the background.

Beautiful sculptures like the one below in the Piazza Navona are everywhere in the many piazzas (plazas) around Rome.

Here are the four of us on the Terrace above the Piazza de Popolo with
St Peter's Cathedral and Vatican City behind us.

The Pantheon (to all the Gods) is one of the most remarkably well preserved of all the ancients buildings in Rome.

Below are Jerry and Cathrina with the dome of St. Peter's cathedral in the background.

This is the incredible dome viewed from the inside of St Peter's Cathedral, the largest church in the world.

One of the many remarkable frescos in the Vatican museum.

After Rome we went to Florence. Below are Cathrina and Cindy with the main cathedral of Florence in the background.

Below is a portion of one of the many remarkable frescos on the inside of the dome of the main cathedral in Florence.

The beautiful Arno river as it flows through Florence.

Cindy shopping for a purse in one of the many open air markets in Florence.

Stunning artwork like this (The Baptism of Jesus) is everywhere in Florence.

We took a day trip to the historic town of Sienna. Here are Jerry and Cathrina taking a rest on the steps of Sienna's Cathedral.

Here are Cathrina and I enjoying the sights of Florence from one of the many bridges over the Arno river.

One of the scenic towns in "The Cinque Terra" on the western coast of Italy, where we visited one day.

Below are the four of us in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the most famous structure in all Italy.

It was a memorable trip that we will never forget.

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