Monday, March 23, 2015

Springing Into Spring, March 23, 2015

The most beautiful things in life
are not things at all,
but moments in time 
moments that we know will flow on.
~Patricia Adams Farmer

Greetings to all of you as spring begins and winter has passed.

Happy Anniversary! Happy 15th Wedding Anniversary this past weekend to my cousin Michael Harrell and his wife Carole of Zionsville, Indiana. (Yes, Virginia, there really is a Zionsville!) Mike is the older son of Vicki Gower Johnston of Oak Harbor, Washington. Best wishes to Mike and Carole for many more happy years together!

Happy Birthday today to my brother Gary Shepard, the first born of our parents Maida Gower Shepard and our late father Eugene Shepard. Gary was born in San Diego way back before I was born. Okay... just two years before I was born. We were among the very first in our family in what has become known as the "baby boom" generation. Gary was raised in San Diego and lived virtually his entire life in our fair community until he retired 12 years ago and moved to Oak Harbor, Washington. 

He and his wife Cindy live in Oak Harbor today, not far from our mom Maida Shepard and other family members in Anacortes, Washington. Happy Birthday to Gary on this last birthday that begins with a "6". The first picture shows Gary with his wife Cindy and our mother Maida. This picture was taken last summer in Anacortes, Washington by Steven Paul Shepard.

Happy Birthday Preslea! This coming Thursday is the 5th Birthday of our oldest grandchild Preslea Maida Shepard who lives just a stone's throw down the hill from us here in the San Carlos community of San Diego. She lives with her mom and dad, Nathan and Chenda Shepard, as well as her brothers Logan and William, plus an assortment of Koi and gold fish.

The following photo presentation celebrates Preslea's 5th year and the many activities and special moments in her young life: at home, at church, on vacation, and with friends and family. Best wishes to Preslea for a wonderful birthday!


- - -
Steve Shepard 


Angela said...

I have a question. Jimbushong1 on suggested I contact you. I am looking for a woman possibly named Dorothy Mae Shepard of either Florence, AZ or Riverside, CA who had a daughter on or about Aug 14, 1944-1946. I have a picture that states November 14- 3 months. She had the child with Raffaele Palermo of Messina, Sicily. He was an Italian POW/ISU during WWII in both of these places. His son is looking for his sister. She would be about 70 years old. After the war, he was repatriated to his country, with no exception. In 1946, he tried to find his child and lover. He was told they had moved. Can you help me? I have a picture of the baby. Thanks!


Steve Shepard said...

Angela... Sorry but I have no leads to give you in searching for this person. If I do hear of anything I will let you know. Best wishes.