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Shepard Family Update January 29, 2010

Other things may change us, 
but we start and end with the family. 
~Anthony Brandt

Hello Shepard Family and Friends,

Greetings to all of you wherever you may be. We survived our "major" (for us) winter storm last week here in San Diego and have settled back into our typically mild, usually sunny, and mostly pleasant days.

This coming Tuesday, February 2, is Ground Hog Day and the midpoint of winter. It is also the birthday of William Elmer Shepard, my father's father's father. Last week I mentioned my mother's mother's mother, Finetta Clementine Dearien, and the similarities between her story and William Elmer's story. Thanks to those of you who responded to Finetta's story with a wide range of comments. Here are some of them,

"That was an awesome story and I enjoyed your take on it!..." (from a family member in Wa.)

"That was a really interesting story. Boy, I'll tell you. Those crimes just keep happening and it makes me so angry. I just don't understand it..."  (from a family member in the Southwest)

"I wouldn't have made a very good wife back in those days. That 'ol step-father would have to sleep sometime. I'm sure they had big heavy iron skillets and I would have made good use of one of them. It wouldn't be to cook his meals either..." (from a family member in Texas)

My Father's Father's Father.  William Elmer's life story, though similar to Finetta's in several ways, may evoke a different response in many of us. He was born in Wabash, Indiana in 1862, while his father William (no middle name) Shepard was away serving on the side of the Union forces in the Civil War. Tragically his father died and never returned to meet his son. William Elmer, as his father's only child, is the lone link between all of us Shepard's today and our Shepard ancestors.

The Shepard family line continues today because he was adventuresome enough to trek across the Midwest alone as a young man to Madison County, Illinois, where he met and married Elvira Owen and with her raised two children. The boy they named after the father he never knew, William (no middle name) Shepard; and the daughter they named Sadie. (This past Wednesday, by the way, was the 118th anniversary of Sadie's birth.)

William Elmer's journey from his home in Indiana did not end in Illinois. About the turn of the 20th century he again began feeling the spirit of adventure, and moved his wife and children to the panhandle of Oklahoma, where he and Elvira lived the rest of their days.

It was there in Beaver County, Oklahoma that his son William met Bura Davis, his daughter Sadie met Levi Pruett, and the continuity of the Shepard line was assured. William Elmer died of stomach cancer in February, 1915, but not before he saw the Shepard line move precariously from 19th century Indiana to 20th century Oklahoma, with the promise of a bright and fruitful future that continues into the 21st century.

Unfortunately I have no pictures of William Elmer Shepard or his father. The first picture I am including today is one of the oldest pictures I have of my Grandfather William (no middle name) Shepard, William Elmer's son. Stamped across the front is "Pioneer Studio, Springfield, Colorado". In 1928 William and Bura moved their family from Oklahoma to Two Buttes, Colorado (near Springfield) and lived there until 1940 when they moved to San Diego. This picture was taken during those years, probably in the early 1930s.

Happy Birthday, Cindy! February 2 is also the birthday of Cindy Ann Shepard who has been married to my brother Gary Shepard for over 30 years. She and Gary make their home in Oak Harbor, Washington, and are proud to claim 6 children, and 7 grandchildren between the two of them. Gary's children and grandchildren all live in or around Weatherford, Texas, and most of you are familiar with them: Kerri, Lyndsey and Mandi Aquiningoc, Kelly (and husband James) Savage with children Nate and Kyle, and Jason Shepard.

The second picture I am including is a collection of photos showing Cindy and her kids. At the top is Gary and Cindy. Below them is Cindy's oldest daughter Michele who serves in the Navy in LeMoore, Ca. Next is her son Rickey McGauran of LaVerne, Ca, with his wife Kristie and their kids Kody and Keely. At the bottom is Cindy's daughter Samantha of Montgomery, Alabama and her boyfriend Randy. On the bottom right is Samantha's daughter Breauna of Georgia with her boyfriend Curtis, who are expecting a daughter in May - Cindy's first Great Grandchild!
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