Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween! - Oct. 31

In thinking, keep to the simple.

In conflict, be fair and generous.
In work, do what you enjoy.
In family life, be completely present.
~Lao Tzu

Hello Family and Friends,

Greetings from Anacortes, Washing ton on this Sunday of Halloween! Not only is this the weekend of that scariest of days, it is also a weekend to honor two family members whose birthdays are sandwiched on either side of Halloween.

Happy Birthday Maida! Tomorrow is All Saints Day for many people, but it is also the birthday of one of my favorite saints, my mother Maida Gower Shepard.

The first picture I am including (above) shows Maida with three of her daughters-in-law. From right to left in this picture are Cindy Shepard (my wife), then Maida, then another Cindy Shepard (my brother Gary's wife), then Pam Shepard. This picture was taken back in 2008 at the home of Gary and Cindy in Oak Harbor, Washington.

I won't reveal how old Maida will be tomorrow, but I can say that her 80th birthday is still a few years away. Or is it her 90th? Whatever. It is still a few years down the road. So tomorrow is not a milestone birthday for her that ends in "0", but at my age I consider all her birthdays important. My wife Cindy and I are here in the great Northwest to celebrate her special day along with several other family members in this area.

Happy Birthday Pam! Yesterday was the birthday of Pam Engan Shepard of Anacortes, Washington. She has been my sister-in-law and a member of our family ever since she and my brother Russell Shepard were married here in Anacortes back in the summer of 1986.

The second picture I am including (above) shows mom Pam with her and Russ' children Linda and Steven. Steven graduated from High School last year and Linda will be graduating this coming spring.

The third picture I am including shows the husband and father of those in the second picture, and Maida's youngest son, my brother Russ. May all your Halloweens be dark and scary! And safe.

- - -

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