Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Utah Connection, Nov 6

As a child my family's menu
consisted of two choices:
take it or leave it.
~Buddy Hackett

Hello Family and Friends, 

Happy Birthday Havilah! One of Will and Bura Shepard's 21 Ggrandchildren is Havilah Colgain Wardle, whose birthday is today. The Granddaughter of Elmer Shepard, Havilah lives in West Valley, Utah with her husband Kevin Wardle. (See picture of Havilah with her mother Joan Shepard.)

Havilah: "I've enjoyed this year tremendously. Kevin recently took me on a surprise trip to Monterey and Santa Cruz, Ca., two places I had never visited. We loved every second. Extra credit to Kevin for winning our gas money back at a slot machine, at the gas station no less!

"Mom and I had a fabulous visit with Granddad, Dane, Cindy and family in Oklahoma this past July. Mom and I have some great laughs together when we travel. She flew in to Salt Lake City for our flight to OKC. Once in the air, I turned to Mom and asked what was for lunch. Are other Shepards as food conscious as Mom and I? Mom had packed a homemade gourmet meal, with fresh vegetables from her garden. We picnicked in style above masses of fluffy white clouds.

"In OKC we were flooded with Southern hospitality. Dane and Cindy have a gorgeous home and were so generous to have us stay with them. I finally got to meet my cousins! (See picture below of Havilah with cousin Kaylan Shepard and dog Katie.) It was great to see Granddad. The last night of our visit Cindy graciously let me take over her kitchen! There is something magical about cooking for family. What I could not find the words to say to Granddad, I was able to express in that meal. He ate two generous helpings. He must have enjoyed it!
"After Oklahoma, Mom stayed with Kevin and I for over a week. We took Mom camping and fishing. I believe this was Mom's first camping adventure since her childhood. She even caught a fish! I feel so blessed to have been given the chance to take time off work and enjoy family this summer.

"As for what I've been up to here in Salt Lake: I am a professional pet stylist, or dog groomer, at Petsmart. It is very rewarding to help dogs feel better, and look their best. As a creative individual, I find I have an outlet that pays! At home I continue to paint and draw. Our pet goose, Quackers, has grown up, and rules the backyard. We have a new puppy named Bella, yes as in Bella from Twilight, AND Bella from Harry Potter! Our house is up for sale, as Kevin and I are hoping to move closer to an ocean. Not sure which one...but we'd like to remove snow from the picture!

"Kevin and I will Thanksgiving with Dad, and will Christmas with Kev's family here at our house. I wish for us all truly lovely holidays. I look forward to Steve's tireless optimism and weekly updates to deliver us into another wonderful year. Much love!"

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