Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Scenes from a Hawaiian Holiday, Nov 16

Hello Family and Friends,

Greetings from Hawaii! Here are some pictures of Cindy and me, with our son Nathan, his wife Chenda, and our grandbaby Preslea. We are staying in the town of Waialua on the quiet North Shore of Oahu.

The first picture shows Chenda and their baby Preslea with a gift of fragrant Plumeria over her ear.

Preslea and her mom Chenda
This picture show the three girls checking out the merchandise at a local store.

Chenda, Cindy and Preslea on a Hawaiian shopping spree

Cindy took this picture of four of us, "hanging loose" at a curio shop.

Chenda, Steve, Preslea and Nathan

Even Preslea, at 7 months old, had a great time.

Preslea with a big smile
This picture shows Cindy and me at the beach on Waikiki.

Cindy and Steve at Waikiki, Hawaii
This picture shows Nathan and Chenda enjoying the warm breezes of the south shore with Sandy Beach in the background.

Two lovers in the breeze of the South Shore
Thanks to Chenda for taking this picture at Makapu'u Beach.

Body boarding on the South Shore.
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