Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jerry, Russ and Steven Paul, March 13, 2012

The old believe everything;
the middle aged suspect everything;
the young know everything.
~Oscar Wilde

Hello Family and Friends,

Greetings to all of you from San Diego where the trees and flowers of spring are beginning to burst forth with new life. 

Russell and Steven Paul Shepard
Today is the birthday of my brother Russell Shepard and his son Steven Paul Shepard. They are not the only father- son combi- nation in our family who share a birthday on the same day of the year. In January we celebrated the birthdays of my cousin Dane Shepard and his son Nathan who were both born on January 21. Are their any other parent-child same day birthdays in the family?

Russ and Steven live in Anacortes, Washington at the family home on Wildwood Lane. Russ (who turns the big 5-0 today!) has lived in Anacortes ever since his parents Eugene and Maida Gower Shepard moved from San Diego 34 years ago.

Steve turns 22 today and has lived his entire life in Anacortes. His mother Pam Engan Shepard and sister Linda also live in Anacortes. The first picture shows the happy father and son duo. Happy Birthday to Steve and Russ!

Jerry Clark and a Roman "Soldier"
Tomorrow, March 14, is the birthday of my "brother by another mother" Jerry Clark, who lives with his wife Cathrina Helms Clark in Lubbock, Texas. He stays busy with Taylor Publishing in Lubbock, a small business which he has owned for most of his life, and which he runs these days with his daughter Susan Clark Cox.

The second picture shows Jerry in front of the ancient Roman Colosseum mixing it up with a Roman "soldier" while on vacation last summer in Italy.

Jerry: Wow, I can't believe that I will be able to get social security now. I got here way too fast! Cat is healing well [from back surgery] and will start back to work part-time after the 19th. We have been busy going back and forth to Dallas to visit kids and go to Cat's doctor followups. 

My business is still blessed even during this depression. Susan bought a used building for us to move into this summer. It is a great investment and better than paying rent as I did for 30 years. Cat and I have 8 grand-kids to keep up with and more on the way with Susan's next one due in July. Becky is doing great with 3 kids and an active business. Amanda just bought a house in Bedford (suburb of Ft Worth) and is doing well. 

God bless the Shepard's! Hope to see you all soon and if you ever want to come to the dust bowl, please come see us. Remember we live here so you guys don't have too. We will celebrate my birthday all week and as long as I can milk it!

Best wishes to Jerry for a happy birthday, or a happy week if he can swing it! By the way, don't let Jerry mislead you. West Texas can also be a very beautiful place as this link illustrates so well. Thanks to my old college roommate Robert Joe Lee for sharing this link.
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