Monday, April 23, 2012

Twins, Twins! April 24, 2012

Twice the joy, twice the love
twice the blessing from above.

Hello family and friends!

Greetings to all of you from our mountain house in Northern California where Cindy and I find ourselves in this beautiful April day. Here in the Sierra the last snows of winter are melting away and the colors of spring are arriving with a beautiful vengeance.

New Twins! Congratulations to Jeremy and Desiree Ortiz (and grandma Kim Boyd Clark and husband Jeff) of Blue Springs, Missouri who are the proud parents of twin boys. Kim: "We have 2 more grandsons: Isaac Gabriel (3 lbs; 15 inches long) and Dominic Manuel (3.5 lbs; 15 1/2 inches long.) Both middle names are from their grandpas. Isaac is getting a blood transfusion right now. He has a low red cell count."

The first picture shows the smaller of the twin boys, Isaac, holding dad Jeremy's finger. Grandma Kim asks for prayers for the little guys, especially Isaac, and says, "Overall they are looking good."

Speaking of Twins. Wednesday is the birthday of two other twins in our larger family: Susan Clark Cox and Amanda Clark Farrell who were born the 25th of April, 32 years ago. Susan and husband Andrew live in Lubbock, Texas with their two children (and are expecting their 3rd in June!). Amanda and husband Chris live in the Dallas area. Susan and Amanda are daughters of Jerry Clark and Jane Clark Brock, both of Lubbock, Texas.

Amanda: "All is well here at the Farrell house in Texas! How did we get to be in our 30's already? Chris and I purchased our first home in January! We tackled home ownership and a remodel all in the same process - but it turned out to be worthwhile! Home ownership is a lot of work but also a lot of fun! The attached picture was taken in our backyard - the roses are still blooming!

"Workwise we are both staying very busy! In all the busyness it seems this birthday caught me off guard - how is it already April!? We don't have big birthday plans, just dinner at my favorite sushi restaurant with a few close friends and maybe another simple family dinner during the week. In May we will be taking a week of vacation to Puerto Rico so I will count that as my birthday celebration, Puerto Rican style!"

Best wishes to these Texas birthday girls and the family of the new Missouri birthday boys!

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TCasteel said...

Twice the blessings is right.
Theresa (Tangled Trees)