Friday, July 06, 2012

July Birthdays Everywhere, July 6, 2012

First we are children to our parents,
then parents to our children,
then parents to our parents,
then children to our children. 
~Milton Greenblatt

Hello Family and Friends,

After my last blog entry regarding celebrations on the week of July 4, Norma Lou Kilpatrick Allen of Bolivar, Missouri emailed me. Norma Lou is the niece of my grandmother Bura Davis Shepard.

I enjoyed reading about your week of July 4th. My husband and I have three children and were fortunate to welcome to this world our first born on the morning of July 4, 1951. She is now Beverly Scott Huppenthal. She is a small animal veterinarian living in Tempe, Arizona; her Gilbert Veterinary Hospital is in Gilbert, AZ.  She and her husband have two children; John who attends Arizona State, and Susan who attends Harding University. Just thought I would let you know of another of our extended family with a July 4th birthday.

Speaking of July births... Congratulations to Andrew and Susan Clark Cox of Lubbock, Texas. Susan reported on Facebook that she gave birth to her newest baby this past Monday, July 2. "Morgan June made a surprise entrance!!! We are so blessed!" Susan is the daughter of Jerry Clark and Jane Brock of Lubbock. The first picture shows father Andrew with new arrival Morgan June Cox. 

Today is the 30th birthday of Desiree Ortiz of Blue Springs, Missouri. Desiree is the wife of Jeremy Ortiz, a Ggrandson of Will and Bura Davis Shepard. Jeremy and Desiree have 5 children, the last two, twins Isaac and Dominic, were born April 23 and are now home from the hospital.

Desiree: I've been good, just really busy as you can imagine. I'm so glad to finally have my whole family home with me! The babies are doing so well and we are all getting use to their schedule -- after all, they are boss, lol! I will be 30 this Friday. I have my best friend Armand from San Diego as well as my brother Scott flying in this Thursday to celebrate with me and meet the boys! We will start the day by taking the boat and jet ski out to the lake for a few hours and then go to dinner. I haven't decided where I would like to go yet, so we will see. The year has just been flying by. I'm hoping that now that we are all together time will slow down for a minute and we can enjoy these little babies while they are still little because they grow to fast as you know!

Tomorrow is the 10th birthday of Nate Sauvage of Weatherford, Texas. Nate is the older brother of Kyle whose birthday we celebrated last week, and the son of James and Kelly Sauvage.

Kelly: Nate is having a good summer so far. He loves going to summer camp everyday and going on field trips. He is right there with me at every one of Kyle's baseball practices and games. Although I think he'd rather skip some of them. We are on vacation the week of July 4th and we have plans to hit a few local water parks...his favorite. He played basketball again this year which is his favorite sport. He had a 6 point game which was so exciting for him. He is definitely built for it. He's already almost as tall as me...I think he'll pass me by his next birthday. He is still the most loving boy I have ever met. He always wants to give everyone hugs and tell them he loves them. I am extremely blessed to have such loving, polite little boys!

Congratulations and best wishes to Norma Lou, Morgan June, Desiree, Nate and their families as they celebrate these early July births.
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