Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Family From So Cal to North Texas

Happy or unhappy,
families are all mysterious.
We have only to imagine
how differently we would be described
- and will be, after our deaths -
by each of the family members
who believe they know us.
~Gloria Steinem

Hello Shepard Family and Friends.

Greetings once again from Tucson, Arizona where it is summertime and the living is easy -- if you're a lizard, a tarantula or a scorpion. We have had a great time, but we are ready to head back to the coast and the cool weather of San Diego.

Happy Birthday Desiree. Today, July 6, is the birthday of Desiree Ortiz, wife of Jeremy Ortiz of Spring Valley, California. Desiree and Jeremy are the parents of Ciara, Ashlyn and Damian Ortiz, who are among the grandchildren of Kim Boyd Clark, and the GGgrandchildren of Will and Bura Shepard. 

The first picture I am including today was taken last summer, and shows Desiree holding son Damian, with Ciara over her left shoulder, held by Desiree's sister-in-law Amanda Ortiz. 

Happy Birthday Nate! Tomorrow is the 8th birthday of Nathaniel "Nate" Sauvage, son of James and Kelly Shepard Sauvage of Weatherford,Texas. Nate is another of the GGgrandchildren of Will and Bura Shepard.

The second picture I am including shows Nate by himself on the left, while on the right is Nate with his younger brother Kyle and his maternal grandfather Gary Shepard of Oak Harbor, Washington. Both parts of this picture were taken just last month in Weatherford, Texas.

His mom Kelly wrote me and said: "Nate is always busy playing and making new friends. Every time we go to a new place Nate will say, “Mommy, can I go meet some new friends”?  That boy has never met a stranger in his life. He also has been busy with summer camp. He goes swimming two times a week and has a field trip at least once a week. Every day he comes home with a couple of projects he made during the day and great stories of all the fun he has had that day. He also loves to visit his Great-Grandmother who is in a local nursing home. He likes to push her in her wheel chair and talk to all the residents.
It doesn’t take much to make him happy. Give him a pile of dirt and a shovel and he can stay busy for hours. Nate is an extremely loving child and such a joy to be around."

Belated Birthday wishes to Becky Clark Cave whose 33rd birthday was last Thursday. Thanks to Becky's sister Amanda for letting me know of the oversight. Becky, the oldest daughter of Jerry Clark and Jane Brock, lives in Weatherford, Texas with her husband Matthew and their children Miller and Emmerson. The final picture I am including today shows Becky and her family in a picture taken in 2008.

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