Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 28 Celebrations for Barbara and Jeff

He who has no fools,
knaves, or beggars
in his family
was begot
by a flash of lightning.
~Old English Proverb

Hello Shepard Family and Friends,

Greetings to all of you from San Diego on this day after the birthday of our esteemed President Barack Obama. Speaking of birthdays... 

Happy Birthday today to Jeff Clark of Blue Springs, Mo. Jeff is married to Kim Clark, one of the grandchildren of Will and Bura Shepard. Kim wrote me recently about the photo of her and Jeff on the right. 

"This picture was taken in Florida on our trip in Feb/March, 2010. We will just be staying around home for Jeff's birthday this year. He has started fishing again. We have several lakes around us. He loves his boat and takes it out as often as he can. He even stays over night on it on the lake."

Happy Birthday Barbara! Jeff shares a birthday on this day with Barbara Shepard of Anacortes, Washington, another one of the grandchildren of Will and Bura Shepard. 

The picture on the left shows Barbara and me and was taken back in May of this year in front of the USS Midway, a one time battle ship that is now a floating museum. At the time Barbara and Maida, who live in Anacortes, Washington, were visiting us in San Diego. Comparing these first two pictures, I never realized that Kim and Barbara look so much alike. They could pass for sisters rather than first cousins. I think they both take after their grandma Bura quite a bit. 

Barb: "Mom and I are going to Leavenworth (Washington) for my birthday on Wednesday. We are just going to play it by ear from there. We might go visit the Grand Coulee Dam. I would also like to go to Seattle to the EMP (Experience Music Project). I am staying really busy working at Safeway these days. We have a lot of tourists and boat people that come in and stay here for the summer."

She Always Has Been a Handful. The third picture I am including is an oldie. It shows a 10 year old Linda Shepard holding her sister Barbara, a handful of baby at about a year old. Linda died in a car accident 39 years ago this coming weekend. This picture was taken in San Diego 50 years ago in the back yard of the old family home on Armstrong Street.

Where did you go on your vacation? Do you have a favorite family vacation picture from this year? To some exotic, far away destination, or just close to home. Email me a copy of your favorite vacation photo and I'd be glad to share it with others in the family.
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