Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Celebrating the Present, May 14, 2013

The past is a place of reference,
not a place of residence.
~Willie Jolley

Hello Family and Friends,

I suppose Willie Jolley is right in what he is saying about living in the past in the quote above. Especially when it comes to dealing with pressing, present day issues of a person's life. But I still find great value in the time I spend with family history. 

In this blog, however, I am as concerned with celebrating the present life of our family as I am with under- standing our history, as evidenced in this blog post. This week is a time for a number of family celebrations.

Today, May 14, is the birthday of my aunt Thelma Shepard Boyd of Blue Springs, Missouri, and her granddaughter Courtney Boyd, of Alpine, California. Thelma is the youngest daughter of my grandparents Will and Bura Davis Shepard. Courtney is one of Thelma's 6 grandchildren.

This coming Thursday, May 16, is the birthday of Thelma's son, and Courtney's father, Darren Boyd of Coronado, California. 

Congratulations and best wishes to this trio of Thelma, Darren and Courtney, mother-son-granddaughter, whose birthdays come so close together.

For Courtney, this past Sunday was a very special day, being her first Mother's Day. She and her boyfriend's daughter Carsyn (Thelma's youngest Great Grandchild) was just born earlier this year in January. 

The first picture (above) shows birthday celebrant Thelma with one of Jeremy and Desiree Ortiz's twins and (added to the picture) an image of little Carsyn.

Today is also the birthday of my nephew Christopher Shepard, oldest son of my brother Darrell and his wife Mary Shepard, and one of the grandsons of Maida Shepard. 

Chris and his girl friend Jessica Bell live in Seattle, Washington. The second picture shows Christopher with Jessica when they were vacationing in San Diego last month.

And finally, tomorrow, May 15, is the second birthday of our grandson Logan Shepard of Alameda, California, the older son of Nathan and Chenda Shepard. Thanks to mamma Chenda for the third picture, which shows Logan and was taken just a couple of weeks ago.

Click on Logan's picture to see a music/photo presentation celebrating his two years.

- - -
Steve Shepard

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