Friday, May 17, 2013

More Family Milestones, May 17, 2013

I don’t care about whose DNA
has recombined with whose.
When everything goes to hell, 
the people who stand by you without flinching 
-- they are your family.
~Jim Butcher

Hello Family and Friends,

This has been quite a week in our family for milestones in people's lives. Here are three more.

Congratulations to Nathan Shepard of Newcastle, Oklahoma who graduates from High School today. He is the son of my cousin Dane and his wife Cindy Shepard.

The first picture shows graduate Nathan in a musical pose. Thanks to proud dad Dane for this picture.

Dane: Nathan has enjoyed his senior year and has stayed busy with home school, concurrent college courses, band, bowling, and church activities along with working part time at Chic-Fil-A. He is 17 and graduating a year early. 

Nathan will go to Florida College, Temple Terrace, FL this fall.  He is undecided as to what field he wants to major in as he has a lot of interests. He enjoys the sciences, music, and writing. We will really miss him, especially his sister, Kaylan.

Happy Birthday tomorrow, May 18, to my nephew, the over-the-top L.A. Kings Fan, Jason Shepard. It is good to know that Jason has retained at least some of his Southern California connection. He was born and raised here in San Diego, but lives and works now in Fort Worth, Texas. 

Jason is the son of my brother Gary Shepard of Oak Harbor, Washington, and Jackie Perry of Granbury, Texas. The second picture shows Jason with girlfriend Jenny in a picture taken earlier this year.

This Sunday, May 19, is the birthday of Ashlyn Ortiz. She is the second of the five children of Jeremy and Desiree Ortiz and a grandchild of Kim Boyd Clark. Strutting her stuff in the third picture is birthday girl Ashlyn.

Mom Desiree: Ashlyn is going to be 8 this Sunday! She is such a loving caring beautiful little girl! Ashlyn is currently playing soccer and loves it! She is such a great big sister to all her siblings, especially to the twins, and she is a big help to mom :) Happy Birthday Ashlyn, we love you!

Jason and Nathan are 2 of the 21 great grandchildren of Will and Bura Shepard. Ashlyn is the daughter of  Jeremy Ortiz, another one of those 21 great grandchildren. Jeremy and wife Desiree and family live in Blue Springs, Missouri.

Best wishes to these three parts of our extended family for a happy and celebratory weekend!
- - -
Steve Shepard

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