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Celebrating Eight Generations, March 3, 2014

Gray hair is God's graffiti.
~Bill Cosby

Happy Birthday today, March 3, to my niece Kerri Shepard Aquiningoc, who lives in Weatherford, Texas. Kerri was born in Michigan but was raised in San Diego and lived there until about 15 years ago when she moved to Texas. Kerri's 2 daughters Lyndsey and Mandi also live in Weatherford. Kerri is the first daughter of my brother Gary Shepard, and the first granddaughter of Maida Gower Shepard. 

Eight Generations. Last summer Kerri celebrated the birth of her first granddaughter Kambree Bowman. With the birth of Kambree we now have, for the very first time, pictures of 8 consecutive generations of members of our family, with Kerri being part of that lineage. Actually we have pictures that go back 8 generations to two of Kambree's GGGGG grandparents, Margaret Frances Williams Spear AND Charles Edward Davis. 

The pictures of this blog post show Kambree Bowman on the bottom right, with her mother Mandi Aquiningoc on the bottom left. Above them is Kambree's grandmother (birthday girl Kerri Aquiningoc) and her great grandfather Gary Shepard.

Above Gary is his father Eugene Shepard and his grandmother, Bura Davis Shepard. Above them is Bura's parents James Brooks and Callie Spear Davis, who are Kambree's GGGG grandparents. At the top is James Davis' father C. E. Davis (1849-1926), and Callie Davis' mother Margaret Spear Williams (1845-1904). The top two images each complete the 8 consecutive generations pictured here.

The uniqueness of these 8 consecutive generations of family members cannot be overestimated. Nowhere else in all my family photos can I find pictures that span that many consecutive generations. Photography has only been around for something less than 200 years. So 8 consecutive generations of photographs is a rarity for any family, anywhere. 

A few weeks ago I included in this blog a pictorial collection of 8 generations of family members via my grandfather William Shepard and his great grandfather Edmond Owens Jr. (1795-1864), but a picture of one of the generations was missing. We can also show through my Gower lineage, pictures of 8 generations going back to Leroy and Ellen Gower (my Grandpa Gower's grandparents). But again a photograph of one of those generations is missing.  

Part of the reason this pictorial spread of Kambree and her ancestors is so unique is the fact that, as best I can tell, she is the first and only GGGG grandchild of James Brooks Davis and Callie Spear Davis. Readers of this blog who are also descendants of James Brooks Davis and Callie Spear Davis may be able to correct me on this point. If you can, please email me with the information. Do you know if James Brooks and Callie Davis have any other GGGG grandchildren?

For now we celebrate the specialness of Kerri's granddaughter Kambree, and the uniqueness of these 8 generation picture spreads. Oh, and Happy Birthday to Kerri!
- - -
Steve Shepard

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