Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Celebratory Trifecta, July 27, 2014

The family you come from
isn't as important
as the family
you're going to have.
~Ring Lardner

Happy Birthday Barbara! Tomorrow is my sister Barbara Shepard's birthday. By some measure she becomes a senior citizen tomorrow, as hard as that is to believe about this young lady. Born and raised in San Diego, she lives today in Anacortes, Washington where she has resided for most of her life now. She lives with our mom Maida and has worked at Safeway for over 8 years. She was recently promoted and became a checker there and is enjoying the work very much.

The first picture was taken in April of this year in San Diego at the home of Chenda and Nathan Shepard, and shows Barbara and her nephew William, with whom she shares a birthday.

Happy Birthday Jeff! Also sharing a birthday tomorrow is Jeff Clark, husband of my cousin Kim Boyd Clark of Blue Springs, Missouri. The second picture shows Jeff (sitting) holding his new grandson Kyler. On the left is his son Casey and on the right is his oldest grandchild Ciara Ortiz. 

Kim: Jeff got a new grandson for his early birthday gift this year. His son Casey and wife Amanda had baby boy Kyler Zane Welch born July 18. Jeff is busy painting and sprucing up our house to get ready to sell. We are wanting to down size so we will move into one of our rentals here in town until we decide where to buy again. We will have a family dinner for his birthday and Desiree will probably make his cake. She does so well at it.

Love Is Everything. And finally, tomorrow is the birthday of our youngest grandchild William Shepard, youngest child of Nathan and Chenda Shepard of San Diego. Willie Q turns 2 years old tomorrow. He enjoys swimming (in a manner of speaking), eating, biking, eating, feeding the koi pond fish, and slides at the playground (did I say eating?). 


The above picture presentation features William Quincy Shepard from his birth in San Francisco through his first year at Alameda, to his most recent days in San Diego. The music is k.d. lang singing "Love is Everything."
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Steve Shepard

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