Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Keys of Paradise, July 28, 2015

Children are the keys of paradise.
~Eric Hoffer

Greetings to all of you on this warm summer day in San Diego. This is one of those rare days in our family when 3 different people are celebrating birthdays. 

Happy Birthday Jeff! The first born among these three is the husband of my cousin Kim Boyd Clark. Jeff Clark lives with his family in Blue Springs, Missouri. Jeff is a native Missourian who works for Hallmark Cards and has been married to Kim for 8 years. 

This first picture shows Jeff just a few days ago, and comes with the comment from wife Kim, "Grandpa Jeff loves spoiling his grandkids." Best wishes to Jeff for a great birthday.

Happy Birthday Barbara! Today is also the birthday of my sister Barbara Shepard. Originally from San Diego, she has lived in Anacortes, Washington now for over 35 years. But she still considers herself a California girl. She and mom Maida are visiting San Diego to spend time with family and to celebrate her birthday with the young fellow mentioned below. Barbara has worked for Safeway in Washington for 8 years now. 

This second picture -- taken just yesterday -- shows Barbara with our grandson William, youngest son of Chenda and Nathan Shepard.

Happy Birthday William! And finally, happy 3rd birthday today to William Quincy Shepard, our youngest grandson who lives in the San Carlos community of San Diego. Born in San Francisco, William and family lived in Alameda until last year when they moved to Southern California. 

The following is a photo presentation to celebrate William's third birthday, accompanied by the music of James Taylor. 


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Steve Shepard     

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